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At the end of the project (KO+21) an International Workshop will be held at NPL in London that will bring together satellite ocean colour validation and calibration experts from around the world to discuss the implications of a “Fiducial Reference Measurement Network for Satellite Ocean Colour”.

This will present the major findings and recommendations of the FRM4SOC project and is likely to include sessions on: the results of the laboratory and field intercomparisons and end-to-end uncertainty evaluation conducted within the project; links to existing and future vicarious system calibration sites for NPL_WP600_Workshop place 3ocean colour; validation plans for satellite OC sensors, in particular Sentinel-2 MSI, Sentinel-3 OLCI, but could also include non-ESA sensors (e.g. MODIS; VIIRS; GOCI); an FRMOC network within the Copernicus programme.

The Workshop will have a target attendance of 60-100 participants, will last 2-3 days and will organise a proceedings publication that will highlight the principal findings from FRM4SOC. The workshop will be organized involving as comprehensive international community NPL_WP600_Workshop place 2as possible.

In order to maximise exposure of the project to different scientific organisations, invited key experts, and institutes. The meeting will be widely promoted, advertised and arranged at least 12 months in advance.

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