FRM4SOC brochure and poster 2018


Cover page from esa-2018-nettiFRM4SOC brochure and poster about the scientific background of fiducial reference measurements, their relationship with SI-traceability and uncertainty budgets is now available on webpage. The A4 format booklet contains also overview of the project achievements and consortium partners. The brochure and poster were prepared by the project team from Andrew Banks and (NPL), Craig Donlon and Tania Casal (ESA), Christophe Lerebourg (ACRI-ST), Kevin Ruddick (RBINS), Gavin Tilstone (PML), Riho Vendt (TO).


esa-poster-840x1200-2018-nettiBoth publications were compiled in September 2018 by Riho Vendt and Tiia Lillemaa  from Tartu Observatory of the University of Tartu, (Estonia). Layout and design was made by Triinu Sarv ( The brochure was printed by Paar OÜ ( and poster by Multimedia Service of the University of Tartu.

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