FICE-AAOT rescheduled to July 2018

AAOT1European Space Agency
is organizing
Fiducial Inter-Comparison Experiment for Sentinel-3 at the Acqua Atla Oceanographic Tower

off the Gulf of Venice, Italy, in the northern Adriatic Sea

now rescheduled to July 2018


Following recent discussions at the FRM4SOC project meeting last week, the FICE-AAOT is now scheduled for JULY 2018. Please follow the info on webpage to get the latest updates on planning of the activity.

Fiducial Reference Measurements for Satellite Ocean Colour (FRM4SOC) project is a newly funded European Space Agency initiative to ensure that ground-based radiometric measurements used for the validation of ocean colour are traceable to SI standards and are of high quality so that they can be used with confidence to assess the accuracy of Sentinel-2 MSI and Sentinel-3 OLCI products.

The Acqua Alta Oceanographic Tower (AAOT) off the Gulf of Venice, Italy, in the northern Adriatic Sea is a purpose built steel tower with a platform containing an instrument house to facilitate the measurement of ocean properties under exceptionably stable conditions. It has a long history of use for satellite ocean colour validation and development during recent NASA and ESA missions (Zibordi et al. 2006) and offers excellent deployment conditions for above water, floating and underwater profiling systems (e.g. Hooker et al. 2005). It was used throughout the ESA MERIS mission to characterise measurement uncertainties in radiometers for the validation of ocean colour products (Zibordi et al. 2002).

To support the ESA Sentinel-2 and Sentinel-3 missions, a radiometric inter-comparison exercise is scheduled to take place at the AAOT in July 2018 over eight days for simultaneous deployment of in- and above-water water radiometers. The use of multi- sensor and method comparisons at the AAOT will provide the volume and quality of data for a stand-alone publication in a high impact factor journal.

If you are interested in participating in this inter-comparison, please submit an application using the online Registration Form.

More detailed information you will find here:


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