Call for IOCS-2017 Breakout Workshops

image003The 2017 International Ocean Colour Science meeting (IOCS -2017) will take place from 15 to 18 May 2017 in Lisbon, Portugal, convened by the IOCCG in partnership with, and thanks to sponsorship from, EUMETSAT, ESA, NASA and the European Commission.

We now invite proposals for parallel breakout workshops that will address current critical issues in ocean colour science and provide feedback to the space agencies (deadline 30 November, 2016). Sessions will be scheduled to minimize topic overlap in the case of parallel sessions.

Each proposal requires a short abstract plus a list of at least three key questions to be addressed. The anticipated outcome and the relevance to the space agencies should be defined. The breakout sessions should take the form of workshops and should include a short introduction with up to three key talks, followed by group discussions centered on the key questions. It is important that the breakout workshops are not completely filled with oral presentations. Rather, a significant amount of time should be set aside for group discussions, as well as a synthesis of feedback that arises from these discussions.

All breakout workshops will have a session Chair that serves as the primary contact, as well as up to two co-Chairs. In order to facilitate scheduling of parallel sessions, all workshop Chairs and Co-Chairs are requested to submit only one proposal each.  For further information on submitting a proposal, as well as responsibilities of the breakout workshop Chairs,  see the IOCS website at:

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