WP700 – Project management

The objective of this WP is to implement effective and economical management of the Project. This involves coordination and  control of the Consortiums work, management  and review of the project documentation, communication and reporting to ESA. The activities of the work package start with the Kick-Off meeting (KO) at TO and end at month 30 with the delivery of the Contract Closure Summary (D-330, CCS).

D-310 Detailed description of the Project management principles and updated Project Management Plan (PMP)

The Contractor will manage the PMP and the timeline and keep these updated during the whole period of the Project activities. The work package will also provide an overview and overall guidance to the project, management of the subcontractor contracts and payments, delivery of regular monthly progress reports sent to ESA, and organisation and attendance at the Kick-Off, Progress, and Final meetings. The list of meetings is presented in Table 5-2. The Contractor will propose an agenda for each meeting in an electronic form and compile and distribute the handouts for the meetings. The Contractor will prepare and distribute the Minutes of Meetings held in connection with the Project.

D-320 Progress Reports

The Contractor will provide Progress Reports in electronic format to the ESA every month. Other documentation will be submitted to ESA as stated in the WBS p.6.2 and the list of Deliverable Items Table 6-1. Documentation to be discussed at meetings will be submitted electronically two weeks prior the meeting. Technical documents from Subcontractors will be submitted to ESA after the review and acceptance by the Contractor.

The Contractor will notify ESA of any problem likely to have major effect on the time schedule of the work or to significantly impact the scope of the work to be performed.
The Contractor will manage the Contract and Subcontracts within the consortium, will have overall management of the budget, agreements with ESA on using the funding support on FICE and other comparison exercises as stated in the SoW. The Contractor will manage the payments to the Subcontractors as stated in the Contract and agreed in Subcontracts.

D-330 Contract Closure Summary

The Contract Closure Summary will confirm the finalisation of all tasks as defined in a Statement of Work and will mark the undoubted “end of the contract”. The contents of the Contract Closure Summary will follow the layout provided in Appendix 3 to the ITT documentation, Annex A to the draft Contract.