WP100 Communication, outreach, promotion

The main aim of WP100 is communication, outreach and promotion with the objective of actively promoting the FRM4SOC project activities within the international community through collaboration with CEOS OCR-VC, IOCCG the S3VT and the wider SOC validation community. The main results of the WP are FRM4SOC web portal and brochure. It also includes collection of high quality images and interesting web stories about FRM4SOC related issues.

D-10    FRM4SOC web portal to be operated and updated for the duration of the Contract

The Communication task includes development and operation of an open and public FRM4SOC project web site that will provide a communications and study management portal for the project.

The web portal will be developed and established by TO. One contact person from each partner is nominated to test the web portal services and upload of high quality graphics and web stories. This PR team will meet on a regular basis through web based meetings via skype or teleconferences at least 6 times per year.

Contents of the web site will be submitted to ESA for approval before being published. The portal will be open to public at the end of August 2016.

The web portal will use the ESA SPPA web site template and will include the following pages and management services:

    • A Gantt chart of project activities;
    • A means for public users to provide feedback and comments to the project team using social media tools (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Linkdin et al).
    • Pages where products and data sets developed during the project data can be accessed and downloaded by end users;
    • A home page with FRM4SOC project description based on the SoW and Contractor proposal;
    • A public list of project deliverables;
    • A public calendar of all meetings and events;
    • A project document library that allows on-line access to all study documents in Adobe pdf and/or Microsoft Word format that is cross referenced to the SoW and contract deliverables;
    • Pages where documents and presentations required and used during the project meetings can be downloaded at least 1 week before the meeting;
    • Indexed access to all reference documents used by the project;
    • A secured password protected area where project management documents can be accessed;
    • A set of relevant links to the project and other useful documents.

The regular maintenance of the web pages over the duration of the project period will be accomplished by TO. This will include uploading project deliverables as they become available, and responding to user requests to maximise the operational usage of the portal. The review and update the web portal with short news stories about the activities of the project will be done by the project assistant based on the input from other partners on a monthly basis.

D-20    Initial FRM4SOC Project Brochure in PDF format

A glossy (4-8 pages) promotional brochure describing the FRM4SOC project will be prepared by Feb 2017 and will be available on the project web site in Adobe PDF format. The project assistant is responsible for the compilation of the brochure and collating information from the project partners.

The brochure will include core information about the project that is written in a simple and non-technical way to be understandable and attractive for the general public. The brochure will include: a short summary of the project, description of partners and activities, it will provide short illustrative stories on the project developments, expected results, and user opinions. During the preparation phase the content of the brochure will be available online (via googledocs) to enable partners to quickly and easily review and edit the document. The project assistant will work in close cooperation with project PR team on regular basis.

D-30 Final  FRM4SOC  Project  Brochure  in  PDF  format  and  200  printed  copies  required  for distribution prior to the workshop

The final brochure will be available on the project web site in Adobe PDF format at Nov 2017. The initial brochure will be updated from feedback provided by the partners. The project assistant will compile the final version of the brochure using attractive graphics and a professional layout.

TO will print 200 copies of the brochure for distribution at and prior to the scientific workshop.

D-40 High quality graphics (FIG) that can be used by the FRM4SOC project and ESA to promote the outcomes of the project throughout the project

A collection of high quality graphics such as figures, images and photographs for promotional purposes, will be stored under a secure area of the web portal that can only be accessed by project partners and ESA. The standard for high quality graphics, will be agreed between partners and ESA during the Kick-off meeting. The project assistant at TO collects high quality graphics from all partners two weeks before each Progress meeting and make these available for partners through web portal, and will be reviewed at each Progress meeting.

D-50    Web Stories for the FRM4SOC web site describing the interesting and innovative activities of the FRM4SOC project (2 per year)

Each partner will prepare one web story, the theme of which will be agreed at the kick-off meeting. The project assistant at TO will be responsible for keeping partners active on web stories and upload the information on webpage on time.